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We equally use innovation, performing arts, cultural goods, still art and a sense of family network inspired by the true sense and principles of humanity...

About us

Coloured Voices Media Foundation

Coloured Voices Media Foundation-Truth to LGBTQ Uganda is a youth’s led organization that advocates for and promotes the human rights, health and socioeconomic well-being of LGBTQ youths through the use of media to demystify homophobic lies, change mindsets in Uganda and Africa at large.

We equally use innovation, performing arts, cultural goods, still art and a sense of family network inspired by principles of humanity to solve our pressing problems like unemployment, wellness and physical fitness.


Coloured voices is currently in Uganda but with a goal of extending its influence in using media and film to change mindsets and perceptions in relations to LGBTQ rights on the entire continent.


Our Background

Coloured Voice was started by a group of 4 LGBT youths in 2021 during the second COVID 19 lock down, who were at the verge of committing suicide due to being ousted and hunted by their family members for being LGBTQIA. Being chased from home caused them a lot of socioeconomic hardships and mental health challenges which inspired them to find solutions to homophobia and anti-gay propaganda.

Without support or intervention from other extended family members, already established LGBT activists and organizations; the 3 of us decided to make a support group where we shared and encouraged each other to be strong. During that time, we were staying in different places but always met online to support each other go through the most difficult situations.

We always held conference calls to share and talk through our foes which was always liberating. one day we tasked ourselves to critically think of how we would change our communities in order to reduce the homophobia and ignorance of our people in relations to same sex love since we were victims. We reached a consensus that the best strategy would be changing mindsets as well as demystifying all the homophobic lies peddled by the Anti homosexuality movements.
“We promised ourselves to tell the African continent that we were born this way, No one recruited us and we here to stay since we share DNA hence the birth of Coloured voices. “

At the heart of Colored Voices is a dream that LGBT youths, who are the majority in the LGBT community in Uganda, are equitably Heard, Valued and Protected. Ours is a call to harness tangible and holistic change in each individual’s life so that they live a decent life of dignity, mental and physical health, a family to belong, socioeconomic well-being but as well a safe platform to freely express themselves through their talents most especially in creative art, performing arts, innovativeness and leadership


  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • Self-love
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Equity
  • Confidence


  • Mindset change through massive media campaigns
  • Digital innovations
  • Environmental conservation
  • Economic and financial equitability and inclusion services
  • Performing arts/ Coloured balls
  • Mental and physical health camps
  • SRHR boot camps
  • Pride Home coming camps
  • Creative and performing arts skilling and mentorship projects