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Coloured Voice was started by a group of 4 LGBT youths in 2021 during the second COVID 19 lock down..

Media Strategy Feedback

The online media strategy we implemented was a thoughtfully crafted plan aimed at harnessing the power of various online platforms to achieve specific objectives. Through meticulous planning and execution, we strategically utilized online channels to effectively connect with our target audience. By tailoring our messaging, selecting appropriate digital avenues, and optimizing the timing of our communications, we aimed to consistently convey a compelling message.


In the context of the Anti-homosexuality uproar in Uganda, our media strategy played a crucial role in combating misinformation and raising awareness. Recognizing the relevance of media in addressing this issue, we leveraged online platforms to educate the public about the realities of homosexuality, dispelling myths and misconceptions that fueled the uproar. By sharing personal stories, informative articles, and expert interviews, we aimed to humanize the issue and encourage empathy.


We acknowledged the potential negative impact of media on perpetuating homophobic trends. As such, our strategy incorporated responsible content creation and engagement. We actively monitored online discussions and engaged with users who spread misinformation, providing accurate information and fostering respectful dialogue.


Civil groups' perceptions regarding same-sex rights in Uganda were addressed through our media strategy as well. We featured interviews and articles that showcased a diverse range of opinions from various civil groups. This approach aimed to provide a well-rounded perspective and encourage informed discussions about LGBTQ+ rights.

Our online media strategy was driven by a commitment to promoting tolerance, understanding, and acceptance. By leveraging the reach and influence of online platforms, we sought to counter misinformation, challenge discriminatory narratives, and foster positive change in public perceptions regarding same-sex rights in Uganda.

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